Gps System


Lab Scanner  v.2.0

Lab Scanner is your small personal Internet Tracking Utility! Combing the power of a GPS System with Lab Scanner you are able to track the geographical country of almost all the IP Addresses from a database of 45870 Ranges.

Speedometer PRO  v.

This is a simple speedometer application for your WP7 device. Its uses the inbuilt GPS system to get speed at which the device is moving. Special feature: 1-> Global Leader Board: Submit your top speed and compare your speed with other users around


Gps review - Most were way too technical for me! Now, please understand, I'm very comfortable with technical devices. I currently teach mathematics and computer programming. It's just that it's hard to decide if a certain model GPS device is

Vehicle Tracking

Sports cars screensaver, free of charge courtesy of HunterPro, the GPS manufacturer for vehicle tracking and car tracking, that allows for a vehicle truck tracking and vehicle location with GPS/AVL.

Balloon Browser  v.0.4.2

The Balloon Browser recognizes and highlights geo-coordinates in web pages. Hovering over a recognized location advises another application to show a map of the corresponding area.

GPSports Analysis  v.1.6.5

GPSports Analysis is for the acceptance, analysis and reporting of GPS (positional, distance and speed) and heart rate data for sport and fitness analysis. GPSports Analysis is a utility package providing Athletes,

Centrafuse Auto  v.

Centrafuse Auto is a leading front-end providing an intuitive and polished user experience.

SkyDecks Boeing 737-NG Panel Project  v.2 2

A fully functioning overhead panel with complete electrical, pneumatics fuel, and hydraulic functions.

SatView  v.

SatView is a realtime satellite tracker and orbit predictor. Track satellite positions, determine visibility, and calculate coordinates of over 1300 different satellites. Included with SatView are both 2D and 3D viewing modes,

SatFinder  v.

Search and find TV channels. You can mount your satellite dish yourself, no expensive technology, no complicated calculations. What you have to do is to position your Windows Phone 7 to right to position. For the rest takes/run our app. 1.


Rebranded as "TRANSITiQ", application is presented now on all major platforms: Android/iPhone/WindowsPhone (check out marketplaces if you are interested in) "TRANSITiQ" is a very smart app for commuters that ride public transit, whether bus or rail.

GPS (Genome Positioning System)  v.1.0

Study protein-DNA interaction using ChIP-Seq data. TThe Genome Positioning System (GPS) is a utility tool to study protein-DNA interaction using ChIP-Seq data.

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